2022 2nd International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2022)
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Conference Chair

Prof.Yongfeng Dong, Hebei University of Technology, China

Organizing Committee Chair

Prof.Prateek Saurabh Srivastav University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Technical Program Committee Chair

Prof.Meixia Yang, Tianjin Modern Vocational  Techology College, China

Publication Chair

Prof.Sri Devi Ravana, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia 

Organizing Committee Member

Prof. Honggui Han, Beijing University of Technology, China  

Prof. Xiaohong Huang, North China University of Science and Technology, China

Prof.Menghua Song, Tianjin Maritime, College, China

Prof. Lianhe Yang, Tianjin University Of Technology, China

Prof. Jing Yu, Beijing  Polytechnic, China

Prof. JianMing Wang, Tianjin Binhai Vocational Institute, China

Prof. LingQian,Tianjin Vocational  College, China

A.Prof. Surej Rajan C, Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Arakunnam

A. Prof. Babu George, Fort Hays State University, USA

A.Prof. Mohamed Said Mahmoud, China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CNPPRI), China

Dr. Shivani Dhall, DAV college, India

Technical Program Committee

Prof. Zhenxu Bai, Hebei University Of Technology, China

Prof. Shuliang Zhao, Hebei Normal University, China

Prof. Omar DIB, Wenzhou-Kean University, China

Prof. Tiejun Cui, Liaoning Technical University, China

A. Prof. RAHUL VISHWANATH DANDAGE, Rajendra Mane College of Engineering & Technology, Ambav (Devrukh)

A. Prof. Mahmoud Al Shawabkeh, Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities, Jordan

Prof. Jin-heung Kong, School of Computer and Information Engineering, Kwangwoon University, Korea

Prof. Carlos Borrego, Departament Enginyeria of Information Comunicacions Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Shamsul Bin Sahibuddin, School of Software Engineering ,Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia

Prof. Sanjeev J. Wagh, Information Technology Government College of Engineering, Karad, IndiaDr. Nor Farhani Zakaria, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia